Thursday, July 10, 2008

Eye Candy of the Day

It's not all haircuts and scooters. Sure they look happy now, but what about the next morning? The couple falling in love on vacation theme has been handled in several movies, but never so well or so bravely as in Roman Holiday. I dare you to get through this movie without at least three hankies. I dare you!

As always with this feature, click on the pic for high rez hotties! Image courtesy of Doctor Macro

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Michael Chambers said...

There were rumours, that they fell in love during shooting. Peck's wife was on hand after those rumour made the rounds. Audrey apparently never really got over her love for him.
Their chemistry is so wonderful in this film. The scene in the car at the end is brutal. As is the one you described, when she's in his robe.

Definitely one of the greatest movies ever. And to think, it was written by Trumbo in order to make money for his family when he went to prison. Amazing.