Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New policy regarding spoilers

I said in my first post that I'm going to assume people have seen movies and use spoilers. Listening to Mick LaSalle's podcast from a few weeks ago, I realized that if professional movie critics are capable of not spoiling films that are still in the theater, then there is no reason I can't discuss plot elements without spoiling surprises. So spoiler-phobes you can now be sure that I won't spoil major plot points in my future reviews.

I can't guarantee anything when it comes to Tonto and Friends, though.


kda0121 said...

Jen, I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with your "non spoiler" decision. Your blog isn't merely to provide a critical review of a movie, but to encourage a dialog with your readers. This dialog sometimes necessitates the discussion of themes, emotions, plot elements, characters, rationale, etc. which could and should divulge endings. I don't look on your blog merely as a movie review, but a discussion, a discourse of a movie. I would much prefer you provide a "Spoiler Alert" for those readers who haven't seen the movie and don't want it spoiled.

AbbyNormal said...

I don't mind spoilers. I agree with what kda said - this blog is more of a movie review so if you feel the need, spoil away with a spoiler alert :-)

AbbyNormal said...

Gah - I meant more THAN a movie review. Must read before hitting publish.

Jennythenipper said...

The reason I started thinking about it was I was trying to write about On The Beach without giving away the premise because I was really annoyed that TCM's one sentence summary of the film gave away the premise. The filmakers go to a great deal of trouble to unfold the premise slowly and build a mood. The trailer for the film gave nothing of the plot away. I really think I lost some of the impact of the film because I knew the premise ahead of time. And then I felt guilty because I gave away the premise in my piece on Submarine Movies.

In a recent podcast Mick LaSalle was talking about writing about Atonement and how difficult it was to write about it without talking about the premise which is a good deal of the power of the first half of the film.

So I thought that I should make the effort to try not to spoil movies for people. I will not be able to talk about On The Beach without talking about the premise, so I will definitely do a "spoiler alert."

AbbyNormal said...

I hear ya. I think what I should have said is this is your blog and you should do it how you wish. I just didn't want you to feel the need to put restrictions on yourself as sometimes, like kda said, it is important to discuss the premise and/or ending. I think kda said it better though so I am just butchering his fine words. :-)

Nancy "Beaky" Bruce said...

FWIW, Nip, I like the Spoiler Alert. I'm sure I told you before that I was the only one in a packed theater that hadn't seen Psycho.... or at least didn't know the plot.

I guarantee you I enjoyed that film ... or, well, was thoroughly manipulated by Hitch... better than anyone else in the theater.

I love discussing movies, and yes, you need to give away stuff in the discussions, but sometimes, I want to see it before I discuss it. Blood Simple and Terminator II are the first recent ones to come to mind that I'm really glad I saw as one of the clueless.

BTW -- I saw The Women today. I was curious how they'd update it. I was pleased. Take your kleenex and be ready to howl with laughter as well. 'Nuff said.