Monday, November 24, 2008


I have lots of new movie reviews to roll out in the next few days. I have a couple of things I'd like to get out of the way before the reviews start hitting the page.

  • I have a followers list now. Please sign up if you read my blog regularly. I don't want to look like a dork who has no readers.
  • Do you use keywords? I've been thinking about tagging my posts with them, but I never use them on other blogs. Let me know.
  • I am putting together a gallery of images of actor Brian Aherne. I'll be doing a whole post about it later this week, but if you have any images you want to include, please send me a note so it can be included in the gallery at the time of the posting.
  • After Shrewfest, I decided to come do a post about adaptations of Hamlet. I need a catchy title. Hamlet-orama? ; Something Rotten in the DVR? ; G'day Sweet Prince, G'day? (after the Mel Gibson Hamlet); Insane for the Dane? You decide. Or come up with your own title and I will consider all suggestions.
  • There is no Blogspot gadget for podcasts, but there should be. Here is the official CinemaOCD Podcast roll:

7 Days of Podcast

Galactica Water Cooler: Mostly about Battlestar Galactica, except when the show is on hiatus, which is 75% of the time, when it's just three geeks talking about sci fi cinema.

The Savage Lovecast: Don't listen at work if you don't have your own office, or when the kids are around. There will be adult content. Always entertaining sex/relationship advice by Dan Savage who frequently comments on politics and pop culture.

Film Junk: Forgive me, but these guys are the quintessential "fanboys" and I say that in the nicest possible way, cause I'm a rabid "fangirl."

Ask Mick LaSalle: The highlight of my Podcast week. Movie critic and author Mick LaSalle and co-host Leba Hurtz chat about movies old and new. Like car talk for film nerds.

Cosmic Slop podcast: Though the format is the forgotten pop of the seventies, one of the hosts, Joel Stitzel, is a big film buff and had a side-project "Cinema Slop" which was the forgotten films of the seventies. I saw KISS versus the Phantom of the Park at a Cinema Slop event.

Crap from the Past: Not technically a podcast, and not much about movies, but awesome none the less. You really have to listen to quite believe it actually.

This American Life: Amazing stories, sometimes about regular people from great contributors. For film geeks, check out their special on the mob in the movies.


kda0121 said...

Good stuff coming up Jen. For the Hamlet name, I suggest "Ham-it-up"

kda0121 said...

BTW, I know I must sound like a complete ignoramus, but when you asked if we use keywords, I have no idea what that means. Can you clue me in?

Rosezilla said...

That dude up there is a total ignoramus:)!

kda0121 said...

Yes, he is.

AbbyNormal said...

Jenny - since I am your loyal slobbering minion, I signed up officially as your follower.

No idea about Hamlet title. "Hamlet: Making Jerry Springer Guests Look Normal, One Act at a Time". It is too long though :-)

I already listen to several of your podcast suggestions and look forward to checking out the ones I have yet to discover.

Jennythenipper said...

OMG!!! Mick LaSalle just mentioned this in his podcast, that I called his podcast like Car Talk for film nerds. And I thought winning the Bob Dylan sound-a-like contest was the highlight of my life!

AbbyNormal said...

Jenny - Good golly that is exciting! Well done! :-)

Daphne said...

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