Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tonto and Friends Run Amok

Tonto: We take control of blog from Jenny Nipper. She has issues to work out with Hamlet and Wuthering Heights. Too much death. Too depressing. Winter is no time to watch Wuthering Heights.

Tonto and friends want funny movie. Tonto and friends want feel good without being sickening about it movie. In short. Tonto and friends want Working Girl.

Tess is temp working as secretary for man pig boss who make Tarzan seem like sensitive new man.

Tarzan: Hey! That uncalled for! Tarzan get Utne Reader, now. Tarzan have whole new appreciation for Jane.

Tonto: Tess go see Olympia Dukakis. Tonto wonder if Olympia Dukakis in every good movie from 80s? Tess get new job working for Tall Lady Parker. Tall Lady want to be friend of Tess, be mentor. She steal idea from Tess. Tall Lady break leg skiing. Tess steal tall lady dress and invitation to cocktail party. Cyn give Tess valium to "chill her ever so slightly." Tess Meets Han Solo at party and gets drunk.

Frankenstein: Lust and tequilaaaaaah!

Tarzan: Tarzan want add that Working Girl follow Joan Cusack rule: any movie with Joan Cusack be good. By virtue of fact it have Joan Cusack.

Tonto: Exactly. Cyn have hair and makeup like Bride of Frankenstein.

Frankenstein: Squeeee!

Tonto: Harrison Ford is good comedian. In wedding scene he drink whole frufru umbrella drink really fast. Hi. Lar. E. Us. Melanie Griffith funny too, though humor is dead pan.

Tarzan: Not sure Melanie Griffith is that funny. She look good in underwear, though.

Tonto: What happened to sensitive New Tarzan?

Tarzan: Tarzan can appreciate that movie is about sexism and classism in workplace, but still show most of female cast in underwear.

Jenny: And Harrison Ford in nothing but an ugly Southwestern pattern blanket.

Tonto: Hey, Jenny Nipper. Me not see you come in.

Jenny: I'm stealth like that sometimes. Hey speaking of Jack Trainer's Southwestern Blanket. What is up with his apartment? In the first scene he puts drunk Tess down in an awesome Aalto chair while he sits on an Aalto stool. So I'm like swoon. He's got a head for business, a bod for sin AND he appreciates mid century classic furniture two decades before its cool to do so. But then in the morning after scene he has a tv six inches away from his bed and he falls asleep with it on which is weird. Worse than that is the late 80s southwestern bedding mixed with the faux Arts and Crafts lamp to make Taliesin Blech style--Guys? Guys? Where'd you go.

Tonto: Sorry. Jenny Nipper loose us with interior decorating talk. We wander out to smokem piece pipe.

Jenny: Oh. Well, Just sayin. Jack Trainer has confused tastes. Anyway, this is one of my favorite movies from the 80s. It's aged pretty well don't you think?

Tonto: Movie aged better than Alec Baldwin.

Jenny: Holy crap, yeah. Alec Baldwin looks like he's 19 in this movie. I'm so used to the bloated middle-aged 30 Rock Alec Baldwin, in all his Shatneresque glory, that I forgot how lithe he once was. Tess was right to call him a snake.

Tonto: At this point, Jenny Nipper probably want to make some Cary Grant comparison.

Jenny: Oh Tonto, you know me so well. It's almost like we were fragments of the same ego or something. Yeah, the scene in which Ford talks on the phone to Tess and changes his shirt to the awe and eventual applause of the whole office is one of those moments where Ford's comic timing and physical grace were reminiscent of Cary Grant. The other is in Frantic when he is on the roof of Michelle's apartment, which recalls the anti-graceful grace in fight scene on the roof in Charade.

Tarzan: Frantic. Now that is good movie. Emanuelle "dress more like hooker in every scene" Seigner can swing on Tarzan's vine any day.

Jenny: Eww. Thanks for the mental image. Clearly the Utne Reader still has some work to do.

Tonto: To get back to Working Girl. Tonto have "Let the River Run" in head for 48 hours after watching movie.

Frankenstein: $6,000?! It's not even leathaaaaahhhhhh!!!

Jenny: And on that note. I think we should post this baby before I change my mind.


AbbyNormal said...

Finally, I can post because you are talking about a movie I have seen. Yay me!!

You totally went "Working Girl" on us and if it is possible ... I love you even more.

I got sucked into this movie when I was in college. I even wrote a paper about it comparing the management styles of the characters and dissecting which style would work best for which type of employee. THEN, in another management class, I kinda recycled my idea for a group project and showed clips from the movie and even acted out a scene from the movie to show the downfall of certain management styles. Even after the repeated viewings, I still wasn't sick of this one.

"I have a head for business and a bod for sin."

Ahhh - I love you Jenny :-)

Nancy "Beaky" Bruce said...

so much to say... but it would take away from Nipper's work of art. :-)

phone scene/Grant comparison...

I MUST rewatch this movie. It's such an 8o's classic for sooooooo many reasons!

and I particularly enjoyed seeing the perfectly chosen Eye Candy from Wuthering Heights that I could see towards the bottom of this blog entry. hee hee.

Jennythenipper said...

OK April, I would pay money to have seen you act out scenes from working girl. Too funny.

Beaky I'm glad you appreciate the eye candy. It's hard work to find it, but I can't say that I mind!

SteveQ said...

Okay, silly girl, can you name seven films where Cary Grant takes a shower or bath???

Jennythenipper said...

Charade, Walk Don't Run, Howards of Virginia, North By Northwest, Bringing Up Baby, That Touch of Mink, I was a Male Warbride

Two of those he is in the tub/bath with his clothes on.

SteveQ said...

I bow before greatness. No one's seen Howards of Virginia! I had Father Goose instead.

Nancy "Beaky" Bruce said...

Mr. Lucky. hee hee hee. Sorry, couldn't resist adding one more bathing Cary title.

Hey Nipper -- Kim T. was getting emails back from your address -- Just now occurred to me to leave a note for you this way. Shirt order info, I believe.

Oh!! and Howard's of Virginia... I thought of that today while I was watching some silly Charlton Heston movie -- The Pigeon that Saved Rome. He was washing off in a tub ala Matt Howard's little tub.

Jennythenipper said...

Yeah, Steve the E-mail Warbrides know Howards of Virginia pretty well. A certain bathtub scene ranks high on our eye candy list.

I was debating about Mr. lucky, Beaky, I couldn't remember whether he actually bathed. I only remember the shirtless rub down with his tie on.

I've sent the T shirt info. I was AWOL this whole week. Thanks for the heads up.