Monday, March 16, 2009

Big Chill Part Two

After some delay, the second part of my Big Chill picspam is up!

I've spent so much time with this movie the last few weeks that I'm starting to see it everywhere. While watching Watchmen last week, it occurred to me the similarities between the two stories. They both take place in the 80s, and center around aging baby boomers gathering at the funeral of one of their contemporaries. Much of the drama centers around their unresolved relationships with the deceased. Some of the shots in the funeral scene of Watchmen were eerily similar to shots in the Big Chill and there was a heavy presence of sixties pop music in both films (although in my opinion the music queues in Big Chill are much subtler and more interesting.) Had the Big Chill had more desaturated blood spatters and wire work action sequences (or indeed, any) they might be the same movie.

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