Saturday, November 21, 2009

Foreign Correspondent (1940)

The lesser known and loved of the two great films put out by Alfred Hitchcock in 1940 (the other being Rebecca), Foreign Correspondent is sometimes lost in the shuffle of Hitchcock's oeuvre. While I watched this movie in a film class at some point, I mainly remembered the famous umbrella sequence and that some of the plot devices are later rehashed in North by Northwest. Coming back to the movie with my obscure actor love goggles on, I can't believe how jam packed with awesomeness this movie is and I didn't even know it till a week ago.

I always feel that while commenting on Hitchcock movies that I have to really struggle to say something new. I tried doing a picspam commentary on Murder! which, based on the number of comments I received, was met with crickets chirping. This time I'm really going to shake things up with a macro using a fairly popular internet meme created by the ONTD livejournal communities.

So here goes, the first ever OCD Macro, printable at the 11x17 tabloid size, if you REALLY wanna show your love for Cinema OCD.

And while we are showing mad love for George Sanders, please enjoy this lovely, in-depth article about him. Watch him in one of best be-monicled scenes here.


Kate Gabrielle said...

haha I love the poster! I really liked your Murder! picspam, too :)

Anne said...

Oh, so many nuggets of procrastinatory goodness here!
Boxes bedamned. You are seriously adversely affecting my big day o' packing.

Well, I shall simply watch Foreign Correspondent whilst bundling my entire life into cardboard. And/or eating brownies.

SteveQ said...

George Sanders greatest moment: death by frog in "Frogs." Then again, I liked Veronica Lake in "Flesh Feast," so terrible last films are my kind of film... now where's my copy of Joan Crawford in "Trog?"

Oh, right, this is a Hitchcock post. You're right, not much new to add. His worst was probably "Juno and the Paycock."

kda0121 said...

This is one of my favorite Hitchcock movies. Lots of great Hitch "touches", some good suspense, action and romance. Good stuff all around.

SteveQ said...

Just realized Sanders wasn't in "Frogs." His last film was "Psychomania." Just as bad.

AbbyNormal said...

You have reached an irreverent apex with your poster. There is no doubt that in my heart, I think you are my long lost sister. Our parents have some explainin' to do.:-)

I watched this a few months ago for the first time and was astounded myself. It was brilliant! I wanted to blog about it, but honestly, had the same problem. What on earth can one say? I say this to your answer to the quandry - well done!

Jennythenipper said...

Hooray, thanks all for your comments.

Steve: they are showing Psychomania (along with several of the Falcon films) on TCM this month. I'm definitely taping. I'm totally down with you on the terrible last movie=my kind of flick, thing.

KDA: agreed, this is an oft-overlooked gem. I think I might like it more than Rebecca. I know, I KNOW, that's crazy talk.

Abby: you are just now figuring out we were separated at birth? Sheesh where you been sis?

If anyone seriously wants to print this out, I'll send you a PDF, since I couldn't post one. Drop me an email at jenny at physics dot umn dot edu.

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