Monday, January 24, 2011

I have not been kidnapped

To all my faithful friends who have patiently waited for a new blog post, I'm sorry. I really have no excuse other than I needed a little break.

A few things that have ruled my world during hiatus:

1) Tired Old Queen at the Movies. If you haven't seen him, check him out. No one could get me to watch as many 1950s films as he has. Also, you gotta love (and perhaps fear slightly) a guy who collects Barbie doll outfits from classic films.

2) The 100 Greatest Posters of Noir. I'm not even a noir fan and I've been loving this series in an obsessive way. This makes me want to go back to school and take a class from Mr. Fertig. He obviously knows his stuff.

3) Classic Film Scans. Kate from Silents and Talkies lovingly scans pictures of classic film stars and posts them in all their high-res glory. She has wonderfully broad taste and that means that lots of actors like Robert Donat and Herbert Marshall who usually get the short shrift in the world of high res scans get space. I dare you not to spend the rest of the day at this site. I dares ya.

4) Netflix instant. I can't stop watching TV shows this way. Entire seasons of Doctor Who, Slings and Arrows, MI-5 and No Reservations have been gobbled up. A few classic movies might have slipped in as well, like Damn the Defiant and The Girl Rush. Stupid TV. Be less good so I can go back to watching classic movies. Lord help me if they ever get Mad Men.

5) Facebook. Like a massive ven diagram of my life, Facebook allows me to spend untold hours cross pollinating my various obsessions among groups of my friends and family. Most of my online film friends are on here so if you are one of them, get on here already. Together we can and will remain staggeringly unproductive!

An extra big shout-out to all the friends of the blog who continued to e-mail, send goodies by mail and just generally be the most supportive and awesome people ever. You know who you are! Kisses!


VP81955 said...

Glad you are back and "still exist," as Scott Carey said to close "The Incredible Shrinking Man." We have missed you over the past two months and hope you will soon grace us with your wonderfully original entries on everything classic film.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the links Nipper!

Sarah said...

Ok, just went to Tired Old Queen at the Movies--- Steve Hayes is fantastic!! I love it! Thank you!

Jennythenipper said...

Thanks VP. Another post TODAY, I promise.

Sarah: Steve Hayes is just so much fun. He's the camp Robert Osborne. Now that I've lost TCM, he sort of is my Robert Osborne.

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