Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another beautiful ensemble: The Big Chill

Blogging about two ensemble movies, The Women and The Jane Austen Book Club, got me thinking about my favorite ensemble film of all time, The Big Chill (1983). . Every character is pitch perfect and their chemistry together and their improvised jokes sell the idea that these people really have known each other forever. Writer-director, Lawrence Kasdan rented houses in a remote resort community in South Carolina in the off season. The cast members had nothing to do for a month but rehearse their parts, improv and hang out together building a rapport. Kasdan filmed most of the movie in one location which allowed them to do all the scenes in chronological order, a rare thing in the film industry. The basic premise is that a group of college friends gathers for a funeral of Alex, a character we never see except as a corpse at the beginning of the movie. Alex's girlfriend, (Meg Tilly above, left) is the one person that is not a Baby Boomer.

To talk about the movie in depth, I've decided to try something new for Cinema OCD, a pic spam. (Click here to see Part One, which I posted in my livejournal rather than make my whole blog really hard to load.)


AbbyNormal said...

Wow - what awesome way to discuss a movie. I love the last two caps - I always thought the scene with them jogging was so beautiful. I agree about the jeans.

I loved your earlier comment: "He does the classic movie theater stretch into the arm on the shoulder. One thing you can say about Michael, no flies on him."

I have always liked this movie. I agree it is due to the ensemble cast. Without out such killer performances with great chemistry, this would have been a disaster.

Jennythenipper said...

If people like this format, I'd like to try it again with something a bit older.