Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Eye Candy Generator: Olivier and Leigh

I love Laurence Olivier and Vivian Leigh so it was an extra big treat treat to find a huge cache of high-rez photos of them on the Life Magazine website. This is stage performance of Anthony and Cleopatra. Ya gotta love the giant pharoh's head set piece in the background. This must have been a matinee blockbuster of a play. So many of time machine fantasies involve going back and watching plays, it's not even funny.

Life Magazine has their entire photo archive online in high resolution for free. If you have any interest in old movie stars at all you will probably spend hours as I did, coming through thousands of unpublished photographs drooling like mad.

A couple of other pieces of housekeeping:

My podcast roster continues to grow. I have just recently found the awesomely funny Bugle podcast which reminds me of a combination of Monty Python, the Daily Show and the old Firesign Theater show, Nick Danger. Comparatively less funny, but perhaps of interest since it's is movie-related, Doug Benson: I Love Movies.

The Misdaventures of Margaret is on Youtube. Now you can see the misguided remake of the Awful Truth without wasting a Netflix rental on it.

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