Sunday, April 25, 2010

Show us your Geek Sphere winner

CinemaOCD follower, Rudyfan was the one and only entrant in my Show Me Your Geeksphere Contest. It's just as well, since Rudyfan's Rudoph Valentino collection would have been stiff competition, anyway. Just feast your peepers on it, peeps. It's inspiring.

An original Mineral Lava Beauty Contest trophy, from the Baltimore Contest. The Baltimore contestant came in third overall in the national contest. Read more about the contest at Rudyfan's blog.
Rudyfan's desk. Nice computer screen.

Rudyfan's posters are all originals. I think the flowers are a nice touch.

Rudyfan's DVD collection and the Maltese Falcon. She titled this one "The stuff that dreams are made of." Word.

An original painting and plaque.

An insert from The Young Rajah.

Rudyfan's Blood and Sand Window Card.

Rudyfan will receive a CinemaOCD t-shirt for her troubles. Hooray!


rudyfan1926 said...

Jeez, I never win anything! How cool!

I am sorry I was the only participant, kinda skewed the odds...

Cliff Aliperti said...

Great collection, rudyfan!

Cool contest Jenny, I'm sure the next one will see more action.

Ladybug said...

RudyFan1926, you were not going to be the only contestant, but once I heard about your Valentino entry, I gave up! Your geeksphere is the best.

My George and Herbert geeksphere pales in comparison.


Nancy "Beaky" Bruce said...

Rudyfan --

I'm humbled by your Geekness.

Great collection -- My Cary Grant stuff ... well, Ladybug said it, pales in comparison.

Fabulous & Congrats!

Sally said...

so incredible!! what a wonderful collection!

Sarah said...

Rudyfan, you got me with the Maltese Falcon, nice touch.